Photo Sculptures by Stand Up Photos, inc.  our Company  Motto: "Where we can turn your photos into sculptures and those sculptures into works of Art!"


Photo Sculptures by Stand Up Photos, inc. "From this . . . to this!"Whether you need to place just a Single One Time Only Photo Sculpture Order or . .

Are in need of Two Hundred Photo Sculptures to Remember an Anniversary,
Wedding, Birthday or Retirement Party or . . .

Looking to Invest in Your Own Future with the Opportunities offered in a
Photo Sculptures
Business . . .

. . . You’ve come to the Right Place !

Photo Sculptures by Stand Up Photos, inc that include Magnets, Mini Business Card Holders, Ornaments, Shelf Setters & Sculptures just to name a few things possible with this new technology.

Photo Sculptures:

Our photo sculptures make lasting gifts for family, friends, or even for yourself.
At Stand Up Photos inc., we can take your photos and turn them into something truly unique, which will add a special touch to that very special moment by turning your photo into a photo sculpture.

In addition to our standard photo sculptures, we also offer a wide variety of other products, which utilize this same photo sculpture concept.

Such as a personalized photograph turned into a Photo Sculpture that will be used as a Christmas Ornament, Shelf Setter, Business Card Holder, Refrigerator Magnet, Napkin Holder, Key Chain, Clock, Pin or even a Pop-out photo (extremely eye catching) that will bring back memories each and every time you or a loved one's eye catches it in passing.

Photo Sculpture Bases:

Our bases say . . . Quality !  Speaking from the retail point of view, you will even see an increase in sales because of the unique style and quality our bases will add to your photo sculptures.

Not only that, but each of our bases are a full 2" wide to add greater stability to each and every one of your creative new photo sculpture projects. Our Patented design (#D386007) is making Stand Up Photos, Inc. the leader in this new industry of cut-out standup photo sculptures, bar none !

Now for Opportunities in the Photo Sculpture business:

Take advantage of this opportunity of the millennium and get into the photo sculptures business! Work out of your own home. Set your own hours. Work as much, or as little as you want too, making photo sculptures! If you like to work with your hands to create works of art, then this is the business for you, where there are “Thousands of Dollars to be made in your spare time” with photo sculptures.

Please note the use of the "Black Bases" all of our photo sculptures are set upon, and other such bases used with photos throughout our website, as that of Stand Up Photos, inc. Patented (#D386007) Base Technology, used to mount your personal photo sculptures.

We will teach you all the trade secrets in making "Photo Sculptures" to perfection. We will then guide you in purchasing the right equipment required to make and produce quality "photo sculptures", and provide you with 3 days training (8 hours each day). You will spend hours of hands on cutting to insure proper technique and skills. Also included in your training will be all the little things that will make your "Photo Sculpture" business a big success.

There are endless markets for "Photo Sculptures". The following are just a few for starters: Photo Labs, Weddings, Portrait Studios, Graduations, Car Shows, Sports, Motorcycle Shows, Realtors, Pet Shows, Martial Arts, Trophy Shows, Newborn Babies (Hospitals.)

If you are tired of reading information, and want to get started in the photo sculptures business, then contact us right away! We are waiting for your call, and ready to help you get started

We will provide you with all the costs information involved in getting started in the photo sculptures business. This will include training, equipment, and supplies.

The "First Step" to owning a profitable "Photo Sculpture" business is to allow Stand Up Photos, Inc. to guide you on the right path. Once you learn the skills, the possibilities are endless!

You really can get paid for something you like to do. It is easy to learn, easy to do, and even easier to get started in the photo sculpture business!  At Stand Up Photos, Inc. we honestly believe that your success is also our success!

Please do not hesitate to email us any questions or comments you may have. We look forward to hearing from you

Photo Sculptures by Stand Up Photos, inc - image of stuffed chair with child mounted using one of our Patented Bases!

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